Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I fin in an application form to join the club?

A: You can download the application form by going to the "About Us" tab and clicking on Membership.


Q: Who may join the club?

A: Anyone with a passion for the 3-pointed star! Ownership is not a prerequisite, so join and learn before you buy!


Q: What does the club offer in return for my membership fee?

A: A great deal! Most regions have regular activities such as social events, day- and weekend runs, technical events, participation in shows, etc. Once a year we have our National Gathering in one of the regions, and it is normally a grand affair with good fellowship, food and fantastic scenery. Members from all over the country plan for this annual pilgrimage, normally held towards the end of April every year.

The Club publishes its own glossy newsletter, the “Benz Lens”, around five times per year. It covers all the past and future activities of the club, as well as articles on restoration, technical tips and news on the new cars. Members can advertise for free if they want to sell some M/B related items, or if they are looking for that hard to find spare part.

In addition, members receive the “Mercedes” magazine, published by Mercedes-Benz South Africa. If you deduct the annual newsstand price for this magazine from your annual membership, you will realize how “cheap” membership of our club really is!


Q: Is the club only for classic or vintage cars?

A: No! We are a “marque” club; there is no age requirement for cars (or owners, for that matter!). Although the emphasis is obviously focused on older cars when it comes to technical and restoration articles in the Benz Lens, all activities of the club are open to all cars.


Q: I live out in the sticks – away from an active region. Does it make sense to join?

A: Absolutely! Our newsletter and website is already worth the money! Many country members join us on the national gathering at least. In this way they keep in touch with other members too.


Q: I only have one model Mercedes-Benz. Can I interact with members who have similar cars?

A: Absolutely! The club has some special interest groups or “registers” catering for specific models. This website offers the feature of interaction between such members.


Q: How do I join?

A: Print out the membership application on this website. Fill it out completely. Make a deposit into our bank account, and fax proof of payment together with your completed application form to the membership secretary. No proof of payment = no membership!


Q: Does the club have formal recognition?

A: Yes. We are the only recognised Mercedes-Benz club in Southern Africa. We are a member of Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Club International, Stuttgart, Germany, and fall under the direct auspices of Daimler AG.